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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ayam Goreng Kalasan (Kalasan Fried Chicken)

The taste of Kalasan Fried Chicken is simply hard to explain...
It's salty but sweet with unique aroma...
It's one of my favorites...
Especially when served with hot chili sauce combined with sweet ketchup...

Ingredients :

- 4 pcs Big Red Chili (omit the seeds)
- 100 cc of coconut water
- 1 pc Tomato (Cut into 4 pcs)
- 2 pcs Shallots (1 pc cut into 2 pcs)
- 3 pcs of Salam leaves or bay leaves as a substitute
- 1 pc of Galangal (bruised)
- 1 pc of Brown Sugar
- 1 chicken (cut into smaller pieces)

Directions :

1. Simmer chicken with coconut water, salt and all the ingredients until the water has almost
evaporated and the chicken is tender.
2. Drain and allow to cool.
3. Set aside the red chili, tomato and red onion from the chicken to make the chili sauce.
4. Deep-fried chicken in hot oil until golden brown but do not fried it too crunchy.
5. The chicken is ready to be served with the chili sauce


cadig said...

What a moronic recipe? How are you supposed to simmer a chicken (even if it's cut in pieces) in a 100cc coconut water? Do you even know how little 100cc is?

cadig said...

This is the reason why so many great Indonesian recipe such as Ayam Kalasan ended up butchered because the (im)poster does not know how to convert the measurement.

agustina said...

Well Geez Use your judgement or share the correct amount, instead of spewing vitriol & venom towards someone who is simply kind enough to share a recipe